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Face shield – ADVANTAGES:

  • Better communication because face and facial expressions are recognizable

  • Extremely light (28g / 26g) and convenient to carry

  • Unisex (suitable for men, women AND children)

  • Can also be used for glasses wearers thanks to the long nose piece

  • Better breathability, especially in summer

  • Great price / performance ratio

  • Reusable / replacement foils available

  • Less waste compared to disposable masks

  • The film is easy to clean and disinfect

To protect against the corona virus, more and more people are using face masks instead of conventional mouth and nose protection. This effective alternative offers decisive advantages when compared with the protective mask.

One of the major advantages of the a visor is the ability to wear it all day without the product losing its protective properties. Conventional face mask masks get wet after a while. The consequence is a reduced level of protection against infections; The spread of potentially infectious droplets can then no longer be ruled out, which may endanger other people.

In contrast, a visor can be disinfected quickly and easily if necessary and is therefore immediately available for the next use.

Another advantage is the recognizability of facial expressions, which contributes to improved and clearer communication, especially in areas in which one is in constant contact with people. This is not only the case in gastronomy, but also in education, among other things.

A problem that is regularly mentioned in connection with conventional face mask masks is difficulty breathing, which can lead to problems, especially during physically strenuous activities. It has been proven that this also reduces physical performance. Visors can offer the solution here, because the volume of air inhaled and exhaled is greater than with fabric mouth and nose protection.

Due to the long nose clip, Meppy's face protection visors are also suitable for people who wear glasses; the view through the visor is completely free of reflections and distortions. But that's not all: the wearing comfort is sensational thanks to the innovative lightweight construction materials, because the weight of the entire standard version of the visor "meppys deLIGHT" is extremely low at only 28g, in the EN166-3-certified version "meppys MEDICAL" only 36g. There are no pressure points!

By using meppys visor, also known as Face Shields, you are not only making an active contribution to containing the coronavirus pandemic and thus protecting your fellow human beings, but also to protecting the environment: meppys visors are not a single-use product, but rather for long-term and repeated use designed. Even if the visor film itself starts to show signs of use, replacement visors are available without having to replace the glasses frame. Waste caused by disposable protective masks is thus avoided.

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