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The face shield was checked in advance by numerous partners, customers (e.g. ORF), schools and colleagues and EVERYONE was convinced by the pleasant and easy usability, the price / performance ratio and the quality.

* All prices are net, plus VAT and delivery fees

(only for B2B customers!)

Delivery cost: € 29/200 pcs.

Minimum order quantity:

100 pcs. (28g deLIGHT, 36g medical, PRINT)

10.000 pcs. (KIDS)

Produciton capacity:

50.000 Pcs. / day

Current lead time:

2-9 working days (quantities up 1000 pcs sent out from stock)


50% deposit, Rest 10 days after
the delivery


€ 30,- Plus VAT

Order your sample now for only €30,- including delivery fees.

We are very happy to deliver your meppys visor within 2 – 4 working days after receiving the order and payment (subject to stock). If the inventory is insufficient, we deliver within 12 – 18 working days.

The surprisingly low price and the fast delivery time are major advantages of the protective visors. No more waiting for weeks on end - the product is available when you need it! With a daily production capacity of 50,000 pieces and our focus on continuous replenishment in our warehouse, we ensure that the delivery times for our visors are
kept as short as possible. When ordering, the goods are already dispatched within a day to the customer.

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