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The alternative to your conventional mouth & nose protection

Welcome to the meppys website! We have specialized in face protection visors or face shields.


All visors that you receive from us comply with the EU standard and are of course tested accordingly. Due to its extremely low weight of only 28 grams, the product offers you and your employees incomparable wearing comfort.


Who does not know it: after a short time, conventional mouth and nose protective masks become damp and breathing becomes increasingly difficult. This is not only uncomfortable, but also affects performance.


The meppys face shield protection visors offer the ideal solution. You will hardly notice that you are even wearing a visor!


Would you like to refine your own face  shields protection visors with your personal logo? We at meppys make it possible - simply use our request form. You will receive a non-binding offer from us within 24 hours.


Our graduated prices for face protection visors start at 100 pieces.

In the wake of the Corona crisis and the mandatory mouth & nose protection we would like to present our face shield for your office, business, catering trade and much more.

Face Shields – meppys with interchangeable film:

  • Components: protective film with innovative carrying frame

  • Extremely light (only 28g / 36g) - very comfortable to wear

  • also suitable for glasses wearers!

  • The area around the eyes, mouth and nose are protected

  • Distortion-free, clear view

  • consists of innovative lightweight materials: PC, APET, TPR

Do you need a free, non-binding offer?

No problem! Simply contact us using our inquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours and respond with a tailor-made offer.

The year 2020 has so far been dominated by the Covid19 pandemic. It changed the lives of all of us. Whether it be through your own contact with the disease, or through affected family members or among friends, or by the measures that have been taken in the public sector to protect the population. Both self-protection and the protection of our fellow human beings are now top priority.

It has been proven that the most common route of transmission is through water droplets. Generated or spread by sneezing, coughing, or speaking. In addition to maintaining a certain distance, known as "social distancing", the use of conventional mouth and nose masks against infections has proven to be efficient.

But especially for people who are in contact with their fellow human beings all day. Such as service employees in restaurants or teachers in schools. Having to always continuously wear conventional mouth and nose protection throughout the day can be a considerable burden. On the one hand because of breathing difficulties, on the other hand because of the restricted communication possibilities due to hidden facial expressions. However, these members of the population must also adhere to all methods in which the spread of the virus can be hindered.

As an alternative to conventional mouth and nose protection, the visor / face shield has emerged as a convenient and effective protective measure. Most of all, for people who have to wear face protection or a visor continuously for professional reasons (customer contact) or due to a pre-existing illness. These people have come to appreciate the benefits of a face visor. It not only makes breathing easier, it also enables facial expressions to be recognized.

A one-month pilot study that Producingline carried out in cooperation with a school in Vienna in spring 2020. In which not only the entire teaching staff, but also all students were equipped with a protective visor. Has had extremely positive results and overwhelmingly positive feedback from both students and teaching staff alike. The low weight of only 28g makes the face shield very comfortable to wear without pressure or friction points. They make breathing easier and improve communication by recognizing facial expressions.

Another advantage of Meppy's face protection visor is that the visors can be used by people who wear glasses. In addition, the innovative use of specially selected light materials does not only ensure the high level of comfort as already mentioned, but also prevents reflections and distortions.

The Meppys Face Shields are, of course, reusable. Both the frames and the visors can be quickly and easily disinfected, and are therefore will always be immediately available for the next use. A protective visor can be worn all day long, while conventional mouth and nose protective masks are soaked in the air. As a result of these circumstances, they lose their protective properties and have to be changed and washed regularly.

Test protective visors from meppys and let our visor masks convince you!

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